WTF is the Semantic Web?

Comme je n’ai même plus le temps de publier mes propres articles en ce moment, je reposte cette infographie qui introduit rapidement le Web sémantique (Source

The intent of the semantic web is to enhance the usability and usefulness of the internet and its interconnected resources.


What Is The Semantic Web?

What Is The Semantic Web?



SOA4All White Paper : Web Services Are Dead, Long Live Internet Services…

Les Web Services sont ils morts? Une vision dans le white paper qui vient d’être publié par des partenaires du projet SOA4All.

SOA4All white paper is available: « Web Services Are Dead. Long Live Internet Services« .

This white paper presents the project vision about the evolution the Internet ecosystem: Web 2.0, Semantic Web, Web of Data, Cloud technologies and other facets enabling and supporting the Future Internet of Services.

WSMO-Lite approuvé par le W3C

La spécification WSMO-Lite, élaborée principalement dans le cadre du projet SOA4All, vient d’être approuvée par le W3C.

The W3C, the Web’s standardization consortium with a mission to lead the Web to its full potential, has today acknowledged WSMO-Lite, a technology submission led by KMi.

Developed within the EU project SOA4All, WSMO-Lite is a lightweight set of terms for describing the semantics of Web services that builds on the W3C standard SAWSDL. According to the W3C’s ownTeam comment, WSMO-Lite « is a useful addition to SAWSDL for annotations of existing services and the combination of both techniques can certainly be applied to a large number of semantic Web services use cases. »

Source KMi Planet News