Need something? Just Ask GitHub…

I am using GitHub more and more: for personal open source projects (, for research projects (Play for now, for organizations (OW2 will start using it soon at least for mirroring, and we use it for the Java USer Group we created in Montpellier

This is a really nice tool and not only one other fashion tool. There are tons of interesting features and thousands mature and interesting projects are already there.

I remember a discussion almost one year ago where someone in my company was saying that git was not ready for industry. To be honest, I was not using git at this moment and did not have time to look at it, so my opinion was… no opinion. But what I can say today is that, after some months of use and with all the work GitHub guys did and with all the projects which migrated to this platform, it is probably more than ready to be widely used by all (not only GitHub, but git too).

So to come back to the main goal of this article, I was asking on twitter some days ago, what is the best tool to use to publish GitHub gists?

Even if I got some retweets, I did not have any answers (probably since I do not have any impact on Twitter or maybe my followers are not GitHub users…). So I asked it to GitHub and the first answer is just what I need: A command line tool written in Ruby (which is published by the GitHub CEO itself) and which is named gist. Using it is sooooo simple, just launch your terminal (I still use it everyday for many things) and the gist command will do the rest. As a result, you will get the gist link you can send to your peers. Sharing a gist just take 3 seconds…
And you what are you using to gist? or even are you using Git?