Speaking at OW2Con 2012

Me @ OW2Con 2012

Me @ OW2Con 2012

One more time this year, I will give some talks at the OW2 annual conference. I spoke about Petals and the Cloud in 2010 and 2011 and this year again, I will talk about it but not only:

  1. Playing with SOA, EDA and Event Processing in the Cloud. I will introduce the PLAY research project which will soon become an OW2 project. (Hope to do a demo which works on low resolution this year…)
  2. What’s new in Petals? Petals is not only an Enterprise Service Bus, there are also cool tools around which help to integrate your services and run your processes in a distributed way. We will also give details about what is coming in the next months, we have many things in mind. This will be a join talk with @VincentZurczak
  3. Development 2.0 @ OW2. Finally, as an active Technology Council member, I will share a talk with @sauthieg and @clementplop to introduce our vision on a distributed/collaborative development platform.

We also have some talks planned around other Linagora projects: @jplorre will introduce the OpenPaaS project and @clementoudot will LemonLDAP.

More details on the talks and sessions are available on the conference Web page. Note that this event is free as well as the beer at the social event…


Github down, so what?

Did you see all these tweets complaining about Github problems these days? And all these (low level) articles on tech blogs/websites? Here are some examples which made my laugh:

Github a été victime de pannes à répétition, privant les très nombreux utilisateurs d’accès à leurs sources

Source: http://www.lemagit.fr/article/developpement-open-source/11789/1/github-victime-pannes-repetition/

Which means that « developers did not have access to their sources ». Really? Developers already have their sources locally if they are working on them!

Github going down is no small thing, developers which acts as a central repository for much of the open-source code that runs our world.

Source: http://iwgcr.org/github-down-twice-in-two-day/

Agree, it is not a « small thing » but are we speaking about a git-based system i.e. the so funky decentralized distributed version control system?! If github is down you can, at least, still continue committing things locally (Do you remember when you were using SVN?). Right?

If you still need to push your sources and share them with your dev team: git is decentralized i.e. you can change the remote repository to a temporary google code, bitbucket, wtfgitrepohostingsystem.com repository and come back later on github. RTFM: ‘git help remote’

Do you still need more to work? Come on developers!

New alpha release of Petals BPM

The guys from the Petals BPM team just released a new alpha version of Petals BPM, a Web-based, open source BPM modeler.

Petals BPM Choregraphy

Petals BPM Choregraphy

New features mainly deals with collaboration and choregraphy design which are part of BPMN 2.0 specification. A complete release note is available at http://research.petalslink.org/display/petalsbpm/PetalsBPM+v1.0-alpha-3+release+note.

There is also a deployment module which allows to deploy your workflow directly to a SOA infrastructure. This is what I explained last year during the last OW2Con conference:

  1. Model your process
  2. Import services from your services infrastructure with the help of the governance module
  3. Create mappings between model and services
  4. Deploy the ‘runtime model’ to the infrastructure
  5. Run it!

So what if the services infrastructure is in the Cloud? You ‘simply’ run your business process in the Cloud, from the design phase to the runtime one.
While waiting for this all-in-cloud solution, you can start looking and trying Petals BPM directly at http://bpmneditor.ebmwebsourcing.com/ or download it at http://research.petalslink.org/display/petalsbpm/Downloads

Feel free to contact developers at http://research.petalslink.org/display/petalsbpm/Community or on the Petals Forum.

OW2Con2011 Videos are online

The videos of all the OW2Con2011 have been published to the OW2 Youtube channel. My talk about Petals BPM and The Cloud is also available.

You are right, I need to smile more, be less tired and have a demo of the BPM editor working on low resolution displays… BTW, the demo of the DSB Monitoring & Management console used to deploy and monitor BPEL process works.

Back From OW2Con 2011

I was in Paris last week for the OW2 annual conference and I gave a talk called « Petals BPM and the Cloud » during the Open Cloud Summit Session (wow what a name!). This talk was about showing that we have things running and ready to be published in the Cloud. As I said during my talk, difficulty is not to provide the SaaS layer, pushing a Web app to the Cloud is not so hard (and not so interesting). The interesting part is about building the PaaS layer. In the current case, the PaaS will provide « Integration as a Service », or how we can use Petals Service Bus, to provide ways to integrate, orchestrate, manage and monitoring business services.

My son is an open source fan

My son is an open source fan

So let’s go back on my talk, where I planned to show things working… Unfortunately, I was not able to show anything due to some low resolution problems and this was really a shame; next time I will prepare a video in case of something like that happens. I am going to record these videos this week to show that we have interesting things under development : We can create business processes with Petals BPM and deploy them on the service bus in order to execute and monitor the process itself in a distributed way.

While waiting these videos, here are the slides of my talk. There are sort of ‘zen’ slides so the talk I gave was really important to understand all… So come and see me next time, or just send me comments.

For the other parts of the conference, as usual, there were really interesting presentations and discussions around OW2, open source and Cloud. One fun thing which I learnt was that OW2-Jonas is used in MS Azure Cloud solution as support of J2EE apps (can I also inform that Microsoft was a big sponsor of OW2Con? Yes, really, they gave money for an open source conference, that’s fun). Well, there were so many interesting things and I can not list all here. But open source is really something companies should have a look if they do not did it already, they will be surprised to see how active and professional is the community behind it.