Petals Master 1.0 is out

Petals Master v1.0, the first official version of the Petals governance tool has been finally released on OW2 today. Here is the quick release note from the Team :

Petals Master 1.0, includes a lot of improvements for users, as well as optimisations, and nice new features :

  • Categorize your services, endpoints and enterprises with UDDI based categories or add your own categorization value sets
  • Community capabilities : Share ratings, tags and comments on registered services and endpoints with all users
  • Share additional information about services by uploading related documents. Supported related document types are: DOC, PDF, XML, HTML, XLS, PPT, TXT, RTF, ODT, ODS, ODP
  • Identify your Enterprises with UDDI based identification system (Thomas Register, Dun and Bradstreet (DUNS)), or add your own identification system)
  • Search registered entities with a UDDI V2/V3 compliant Inquiry WS API
  • Do all what you can do with Petals Master UI with the Petals Master specific WS API
  • SLA Management is disabled, but will be back soon, with lots of improvements: SLA enforcement, service contract creation and management based on information collected on execution environments
  • Integration with new Petals ESB v3.0 Camelia edition: Govern services and endpoints deployed in Petals ESB by just providing Petals ESB specific WS address and click « synchronize ». That’s all !

As mentioned, this tool is integrated with Petals ESB v3.x, so now you can govern services from your Entreprise Service Bus.
There are also several new tools which are connected to Petals ESB, I think that more news will come soon…