Introducing DeliceApp

A really (but really) simple client for Mac OS X.

This comes from the fact that I don’t like all these browser extensions, what I just need is to bookmark some pages and then come back to them later. Let’s say that getting the last 20 pages I bookmarked is enough. So DeliceApp just provide this: Access to your last bookmarks from your OS X status bar (OK I know, QuickHubApp is already in the status bar…) and create bookmarks from your current Safari page or tab.

It is so simple that the app is available for free on the Mac App Store.


Get QuickHubApp GitHub OS X client for free

Apple 12 days of Christmas are over and it is my turn to give some copies of QuickHubApp GitHub OS X client for free.

In order to get a promo code, you have to Tweet something like:

Have a look to to get a free copy of QuickHubApp @github OS X client (cc @chamerling)

or something more creative which contains ‘QuickHubApp’, ‘’, and ‘@chamerling’.

To receive the promo code, you also have to comment this article with the reference to your tweet. Put your email address in the form so I can mail you the code directly within the next days. First ten comments will get a free version.

Better Gist support in Quickhub 1.2

Gists are cool. So I updated the way Gists can be created in Quickhub 1.2 (submitted last week, should be validated by Apple this week…). The interface is cleaner and there is also drag and drop available so you can now drag a Finder file and drop it into the Quickhub gist creation window.

(No this is not the vodafone/SFR icon, it is the Quickhub one… Must really find a designer, last time it looked like a FB icon).

QuickHub 1.0, adding GitHub stuff to OS X

Some weeks ago I was looking for an OS X GitHub client. Not a client like the official GitHub client which is one of the best OS X app I ever see and which mainly deals with raw git stuff, but one which can allow me to access to my repositories, organizations, issues and gists. My different researchs returned nothing really exiting… Since I was looking for something new to develop, I started to create a simple application which focuses on my needs.
I started to share my idea and after some nights to code it, I sent the first prototype to some twitter geeks to get their feedback. The feedback I had was really exiting (thanks @k33g_org and @aheritier, you excited me a lot!), and most of the beta testers said me that I should submit the application to the Mac App Store and make it a paid application.

So, here we are! QuickHub has been finally validated by Apple and I have chosen to try to sell it at the lowest possible price ($0.99).

The first version of QuickHub stands in the OS X status bar and allows you to directly access to :
– Your Repositories
– Your Organizations/repositories
– Your Issues
– Your Gists

It also notifies you using Growl when something changes on the previously mentioned items. For now clicking a menu item opens in your browser. It is quite simple but it was really the first idea to provide something which can quickly allows you to access your GitHub stuff.

While Apple reviewed QuickHub, I started to add some features to it. The 1.1 version will allows you to do more things (hopefully), and especially to create gists directly from QuickHub, preview some artifacts and have more better user experience with some better interface… I hope to publish it in the next days.

For now, any feedback is appreciated. You can comment here, on my personal twitter @chamerling or on the official QuickHub one @quickhubapp. Share it with your friends/co workers/followers and let’s see what happens. You can directly access to the Mac App store or have a look to the QuickHub Web site.


IRC et Adium


Adium icon, also known as the Evil Menu Duck (EMD)

Image via Wikipedia


Et non IRC n’est pas un vieux protocole mort… Ce moyen de communication sert encore beaucoup dans le monde de l’open source (pour les plus vieux c’est un genre de Caramail mais pas pour draguer, enfin je crois…).

Niveau clients, il y en a des tonnes comme d’habitude. Sous Mac OS X je citerais Colloquy mais bien évidement, je suis un inconditionnel de Adium et il se trouve que la beta v1.4 propose un support sommaire mais suffisant d’IRC. La seule chose qu’il faut savoir c’est que utiliser IRC n’est pas tout a fait la même chose que de chatter via jabber ou autre. En gros avec IRC et Adium (pareil pour Colloquy), fermer sa fenêtre équivaut à se déconnecter du channel… C’est la qu’il faut être vigilant… L’autre difficulté vient du fait de trouver comment faire pour sauver ses channels préférées (il y en à des tonnes…).

Je profite que OW2 développe l’utilisation de ce canal de communication pour illustrer le présent article avec quelques captures relatives à l’ajout de channel en tant que contact Adium.

1. Joindre un channel (Je passe la partie connection à un serveur IRC…)

2. Blablabla

3. Sauver le channel en tant que contact: « Ajouter un signet à la Conférence » et choisir un nom de groupe pour ranger tout ça bien proprement…

Et voila, le channel apparaît dans la liste des contacts… Facile pour se reconnecter facilement quand on ferme la fenêtre sans faire attention!

Note : D’après une discussion que j’ai eu sur le channel IRC d’Adium, la v1.5 permettra de ne plus être déconnecté lors de la fermeture de la fenêtre… Pour le moment la 1.4 est toujours en beta depuis bien longtemps mais marche plutôt bien…