Playing with Events in the Cloud

One more video of a talk I gave at OW2Con 2012 about a research project I am working on since two years now called Play (and not the play framework…).

« The PLAY project develops an elastic and reliable architecture for dynamic and complex, event-driven interaction in large highly distributed and heterogeneous service systems.
Such an architecture will enable ubiquitous exchange of information between heterogeneous services, providing the possibilities to adapt and personalize their execution, resulting in the so-called situational-driven process adaptivity… »


What’s new (and not new) with Petals ESB?

Here is the video of a quick talk I gave two weeks ago at OW2Con 2012 dealing with Petals Enterprise Service Bus.

He gives some background about what is Petals, how it can be used, why it is a distributed runtime, what is really new in the last version and finally what is planned in the next version.

I already spent many time explaining what we have in mind to push Petals in the cloud and this will be a reality in the next months as we are currently working on that exiting feature. More information soon, for real this time!

My OW2Con 2012 slides

While trying to find one free hour to give some feedback on OW2Con 2012, here are my slides from two talks I gave last week in Paris.

First talk was about what’s new in the last version of Petals Enterprise Service Bus? The session also covered what is Petals ESB, what it provides and where it goes.

One other talk was about what we are currently developing in the Play research project. The difficulty was to give a quick view of this HUGE event-driven platform. More details are coming soon on (yes, Play platform is now an OW2 project).

I also participated to a talk called ‘Dev 2.0 at OW2’ with @sauthieg and @clementplop in which we introduced the new ways to develop using the OW2 tools and all this so-called social stuff every software forge now provides.

Serious Hackers

Serious Hackers

Coming back soon with feedback on several other talks, and some other OW2-related news.

Speaking at OW2Con 2012

Me @ OW2Con 2012

Me @ OW2Con 2012

One more time this year, I will give some talks at the OW2 annual conference. I spoke about Petals and the Cloud in 2010 and 2011 and this year again, I will talk about it but not only:

  1. Playing with SOA, EDA and Event Processing in the Cloud. I will introduce the PLAY research project which will soon become an OW2 project. (Hope to do a demo which works on low resolution this year…)
  2. What’s new in Petals? Petals is not only an Enterprise Service Bus, there are also cool tools around which help to integrate your services and run your processes in a distributed way. We will also give details about what is coming in the next months, we have many things in mind. This will be a join talk with @VincentZurczak
  3. Development 2.0 @ OW2. Finally, as an active Technology Council member, I will share a talk with @sauthieg and @clementplop to introduce our vision on a distributed/collaborative development platform.

We also have some talks planned around other Linagora projects: @jplorre will introduce the OpenPaaS project and @clementoudot will LemonLDAP.

More details on the talks and sessions are available on the conference Web page. Note that this event is free as well as the beer at the social event…

OW2Con2011 Videos are online

The videos of all the OW2Con2011 have been published to the OW2 Youtube channel. My talk about Petals BPM and The Cloud is also available.

You are right, I need to smile more, be less tired and have a demo of the BPM editor working on low resolution displays… BTW, the demo of the DSB Monitoring & Management console used to deploy and monitor BPEL process works.