I am Software Engineer/Developer/Architect/Addict working on Service Oriented Architecture Projects at PetalsLink, a French Open Source SOA Software Editor and active OW2 member.

This is how I look like!

Where are my hairs?!

I do many things… I work on European and French Research projects around SOA and Cloud computing as technical leader, architect and developer of the PLAYSOA4All, and OpenCloudWare projects. The goal is to work on and build large scale distributed SOA infrastructure involving OW2 based middleware technology such as OW2-Petals Enterprise Service Bus.
I am also OW2-Petals SOA product family core developer and I focus my technology interests on Distributed/Cloud Computing, Open Source and Java stuff.

I develop several other open source things during nights (mainly hosted on GitHub), provide some OS X tools for developers (QuickHubApp for example) and I will handle this challenge as best as I can : Leading PetalsLink Cloud activity to enable SOA in the Cloud.


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