Introducing Ratatam.App, Instagram client for OS X

Instagram guys are focusing their effort on this really good application for iPhone users (and Android version is coming). I really love this app but I also think that I can not always take my phone, launch Instagram, refresh the feed, etc. I spend my days (and nights) in front on my Mac, coding, always. Taking my phone to check this social stuff is time consuming and so I though that having a tiny OS X app which updates the feed, tell me what’s new and potentially allows me to like and comment photos will be nice: Here is Ratatam!

Ratatam is a small OS X application which displays your Instagram friends photo feed. It updates the feed in the background periodically and notifies you (growl-based notifications for now) when new photos are available. You can comment and like photos directly from Ratatam.
I really think that these three features are enough when having other things to do on your Mac. Just launch it, put it on your desktop like you do with Twitter, and follow your friends photo activity.

Ratatam Feed

Ratatam Feed

Ratatam.App is available for download on the Mac App Store and it costs only $0.99 (0.79€).

Oh wait, I have some promo codes to give to my best Instagram contacts and to you: Tweet a link to the RatatamApp page ( with some cool comments. Put the link to your tweet as comment on this blog post. I will get the email from the comment form and send a promo code to use on the Mac App Store to the first 10 comments.

Feel free to share this with your contacts!


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