QuickHub 1.0, adding GitHub stuff to OS X

Some weeks ago I was looking for an OS X GitHub client. Not a client like the official GitHub client which is one of the best OS X app I ever see and which mainly deals with raw git stuff, but one which can allow me to access to my repositories, organizations, issues and gists. My different researchs returned nothing really exiting… Since I was looking for something new to develop, I started to create a simple application which focuses on my needs.
I started to share my idea and after some nights to code it, I sent the first prototype to some twitter geeks to get their feedback. The feedback I had was really exiting (thanks @k33g_org and @aheritier, you excited me a lot!), and most of the beta testers said me that I should submit the application to the Mac App Store and make it a paid application.

So, here we are! QuickHub has been finally validated by Apple and I have chosen to try to sell it at the lowest possible price ($0.99).

The first version of QuickHub stands in the OS X status bar and allows you to directly access to :
– Your Repositories
– Your Organizations/repositories
– Your Issues
– Your Gists

It also notifies you using Growl when something changes on the previously mentioned items. For now clicking a menu item opens in your browser. It is quite simple but it was really the first idea to provide something which can quickly allows you to access your GitHub stuff.

While Apple reviewed QuickHub, I started to add some features to it. The 1.1 version will allows you to do more things (hopefully), and especially to create gists directly from QuickHub, preview some artifacts and have more better user experience with some better interface… I hope to publish it in the next days.

For now, any feedback is appreciated. You can comment here, on my personal twitter @chamerling or on the official QuickHub one @quickhubapp. Share it with your friends/co workers/followers and let’s see what happens. You can directly access to the Mac App store or have a look to the QuickHub Web site.



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