Testing Play! and WebSockets

I spent one hour playing with the [Play Framework](http://playframework.org) and WebSockets in order to push some (SOAP) messages received on some Web services hosted by the Play application to the clients browser.

The result is really amazing: We can simply push these SOAP messages to clients in less than 100 lines of code. There are some problems with some messages lost due to some conception problems but which are not Play ones. In fact, the current prototype just send the messages to all the clients but what should be done is creating streams per client with some ID to identify them…

The source code is available on GitHub at [https://github.com/chamerling/play-soap-websockets](https://github.com/chamerling/play-soap-websockets)

A quick screen capture with SOAPUI sending messages to the Play! SOAP service. The Play application pushes the SOAP message to the clients (Two browsers).


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