EasyWSDL 1.3 is out

One more new release of OW2-EasyWSDL, the WSDL manipulation library.

The EasyWSDL team is pleased to announce the release of EasyWSDL 1.3
You can download it from: http://forge.ow2.org/project/showfiles.php?group_id=334&release_id=3454
Available in this version :

  • Fix some bugs
  • Improve import/include management
  • Use URL instead of URI in WSDL reader
  • Add SimpleContent tag management
  • Change artifact name (More maven compliant…)

More information is available on EasyWSDL website: http://easywsdl.ow2.org/


4 réflexions sur “EasyWSDL 1.3 is out

  1. Hi Christophe,

    I want to write a program to convert WSDL 1.1 into WSDL 2.0 using easywsdl. I simple try to copy services, interfaces, bindings, etc. of the source-wsdl to the output, but I got classcast exception:

    for (InterfaceType iftype : desc11.getInterfaces()){

    What is the trick to solve this problem?



    • I used the reader and the writer in the init part of the program of course:

      Description desc = WSDLFactory.newInstance().newWSDLReader().read(new URL(uri);
      Description desc20 = WSDLFactory.newInstance().newDescription(WSDLVersionConstants.WSDL20);

      After it I tried to move the elements from the source to the destination one by one – but they failed.

      • ok, just asked the easyWSDL core team and it seems that for now this feature is not available (but planned).
        The best way to do thing like that is to use the W3C XSL sheet. Have a look to this test class under /easywsdl-wsdl/src/test/java/org/ow2/easywsdl/wsdl/test/util/XSLTConverter.java

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