Easily expose JAXWS in PEtALS with Maven

Since I am always using command line tools such as Maven or Ant to create my project and to package them, I have just created a new Maven plugin to easily and quickly expose a JAXWS service in PEtALS with Maven. This plugin will generate the JBI Service Unit and Service Assembly from a Maven java project with just a few lines of Maven settings…

As an example, the following interface :

package org.ow2.petals;

import javax.jws.WebMethod;
import javax.jws.WebService;

public interface Service {

	String ping(String input);

and its implementation :

package org.ow2.petals;

public class ServiceImpl implements Service {
	public String ping(String input) {
		return input;

will generate a Service Assembly idirectly deployable to PEtALS by the help of the Maven plugin :


The plugin takes the Service class, generates its associated WSDL file and the JBI descriptor and then package all into a Service Assembly.


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