OW2-Dragon connected to OW2-PEtALS

This blog entry is about how to use the OW2-Dragon SOA Governance with the OW2-PEtALS ESB.

Thanks to the flexible Fractal architecture PEtALS is based on, I have implemented the Dragon API and integrated it into a custom PEtALS distribution.

Here are some screenshots of my tests, I used the JSR181 Service Engine (based on PEtALS CDK and Axis2) to ‘quickly’ create a collection of JBI services with real WSDL descriptions which will be used in Dragon.

All the resources needed (PEtALS, Dragon and JBI artifacts) and their download links are listed at the bottom of this article.

At startup, PEtALS exposes the Dragon API implementation as a web service at http://localhost:9001/petals/ws/DragonService. This address is the one which as to used to fill the ‘Add Runtime Manager’ Dragon section.

Figure 1 – Configure Connector Service

When submitting, Dragon retrieves the PEtALS runtime manager properties and need to synchronize the execution environments to get an updated view of all the containers and their services.

Figure 2 – Sysnchronize execution environments

After synchronization, the Dragon tool has retrieved all the services definitions which are hosted by the PEtALS container. All all this is now referenced in the Dragon registry. For more details on Dragon features, you can get the Dragon user manual here : http://dragon.ow2.org/doc/doc-en/dragon-userguide-0.9.1.pdf .

Figure 3 – List of hosted Services on PEtALS

I just did a quick test and try to search all the services which have an operation which starts by ‘get’. Going to the ‘Search Service’ section and entering ‘get*’ in the search field returns me a list of compliant services.

Figure 4 – Searching Services
Figure 5 – Search results
By Clicking on a service I just search at, I am now able to see all its properties and its original WSDL file.
Figure 6 – WSDL description


The Dragon Web Application : http://download.forge.objectweb.org/dragon/dragon-0.9.1.war

The PEtALS-Dragon Enabled standalone distribution : http://maven.objectweb.org/maven2-snapshot/org/ow2/petals/petals-standalone-dragon/1.0-SNAPSHOT/petals-standalone-dragon-1.0-20090116.150059-1-light.zip

The JSR181 Service engine : http://maven.objectweb.org/maven2-snapshot/org/ow2/petals/petals-se-jsr181/1.1-SNAPSHOT/petals-se-jsr181-1.1-20090116.152803-72.zip

The Service Assembly : http://maven.objectweb.org/maven2-snapshot/org/ow2/petals/su/jsr181/sa-jsr181-collection/1.0-SNAPSHOT/sa-jsr181-collection-1.0-20090116.151044-1.zip


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