PEtALS ESB 2.2 is out

PEtALS ESB 2.2 is finally out some weeks late…
This kernel version is distributed as Standalone and Quickstart distribution.

As a reminder, if you are new to PEtALS you should choose to download the Quickstart distribution.
This distribution comes with the new embedded WebConsole (1.2) Management and Monitoring tool which is launched at PEtALS startup so you do not need to deploy the web application in an external web application server such as Tomcat. Just look at http://localhost:7878 !
You will also find some simple integration usecases in this package, all is fully explained in the Quickstart documentation.

We have also released a new Component Development Kit (CDK 4.0). With this CDK, you will be able to create powerful JBI compliant components (Service Engine or Binding Component) with one or two classes…
The SOAP, FileTransfer, XSLT and EIP components have been updated to the CDK 4.0.
An Eclipse plugin based on new JBI descriptors is coming in the next weeks, so stay tuned!

As main developer of the SOAP Binding Component, I am also happy to announce that I have added REST support in the latest release. I will write a tutorial here in the next days.
I am also working on another nice feature around Web Services and Axis2. More information to come…