Too many open files IOException with large number of Axis2 Servic

This is a problem we met in the PEtALS SOAP Binding Component with large number of Axis2 Service Clients.
In this case, this error happens when too many sockets are open ant are waiting to be closed. Even if I have found some JIRAs about this problem and possible solutions, the only one which work for us is to cleanup the connection after each service call.
It is done like this :

ServiceClient client = new ServiceClient(null, service);

Options options = new Options();



OMElement outBodyElement = null;

try {

outBodyElement = serviceClient.sendReceive(soapAction, inBodyElement);

} catch (AxisFault e) {

throw e;


After 10 minutes test with 200 threads creating ‘one shot ‘ ServiceClient and almost 275000 service calls, all worked fine.